To print an email in Outlook 2007/2010 with the BCC recipients.

  1.     Open the email in Outlook 2007/2010
  2.     On the ribbon bar with the right mouse button above example next to " Zoom" and select Customize Ribbon
  3.     In the Outlook Options window , choose the right window developer tools and put a hook here
  4.     Click OK
  5.     Now you can see above, the developer tools next message appears as a tab .
  6.     Select design this form.
  7.     In Design view , click the page 2 ( p.2 ) .
  8.     In the Field Chooser , change to address fields , then drag the Bcc field on page 2 ( p.2 ) .
  9.     "Choose Properties" With Right-click on the text box for the Bcc field , click and then click there on the " Validation " tab, put a check in the " field printing and display in save as"
  10.     Click OK
  11.     Close to the window
  12.     Confirm with OK to save
  13.     Mail open and print again
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